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We are an international active team specializing in Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Control (ANV), to engineer a silent environment. Consisting of highly qualified personnel, ea-group provides integrated solutions and services from design to implementation.

Starting with Ergoakoustiki in 1989 we entered through the years the Architectural, Infrastructure, Environmental and Industry sector. In 2000 our experience brought forward the necessity of creating Acoustic Consultancy Company (ACC) to offer special consultancy services.

Representing the leaders in Noise and Vibration insulation materials, has contributed to establish an awareness of good quality products and services.

Conducting our business under the principles of commitment to high quality, professionalism and respect to the environment, helps us create values for our clients, our partners and our corporation.

30 Years Anniversary since 1989

The company is entering the 4th decade of continuous productive, innovative, effective and trustful presence in the field of Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Control. 30 years now, we have accomplished many interesting and difficult projects, challenging ourselves to get better in every aspect. We are grateful for the cooperation’s we build up throughout this time with our clients, our partners and suppliers. Thank you all!

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