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Noise & Vibration Monitoring


EAgroup has the equipment and the expertise to conduct long-term measurements of Noise & Vibration levels to assess their variation over time, aka monitoring projects.

We can use wireless technology to remotely supervise the operation of the acquisition system and to download the measurement results. Real-time feedback from the field tests is important for certain projects as noise & vibration during construction works and monitoring the environmental vibrations from 3D and 2D seismic ground investigations, where the survey teams can optimize explosive charges to avoid causing damage to nearby buildings and piping.

Our data acquisition systems can also record the sound signal which is particularly useful for the subjective quality of environmental/ambient noise and can isolate noise events, based on measurable quantities, for further analysis.

We have a long experience of Noise and Vibration Monitoring Plans in various sectors like Infrastructure (Road, Railway, Airports & Aircrafts, Ports), Industry (Manufacture Plants, Power Plants) and Performance Venues.

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