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Application methods for traffic noise reduction

The research team of the Acoustics Consultancy Company (ACC) is developing software applications approved by the General Secretariat for Research & Development (GSRD) under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) of the European Union (EU).

Static Retrofitting of Existing Buildings

Several public or private sectors’ buildings (i.e. Hotels, schools, hospitals etc.) are situated in seismic regions and often have to deal with the catastrophic results caused by the earthquakes. The protection of people and constructions from the disastrous effects of earthquakes is the objective of this program. The process of a pilot implementation acquires particular interest for the retrofit in anti seismic protection on existing building structures, inhabiting a large number of people.

Laboratory tests of acoustic panels

Reverberation room measurement of the absorption coefficient of customized perforated lightweight metallic panels with acoustic inlay for false ceiling applications.

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