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EAGroup provides solutions for impact and airborne sound insulation between building’s floorings. We achieve this by constructing a floor that is acoustically separated by the rest of the building, using elastomer materials or helical springs, in configuration with the acoustic requirements and the weight of the floating floor superstructure. The floating floor is, in many cases, the base of room-into-room construction.

We are exclusive distributors of the unique design of the Granab systems. It is a system with components made from inorganic materials, steel girders, dampening elements and adjustment screws of various lengths that permits installation in many project types. It also entails considerable benefits to houses, apartments and common areas through its innovative design, durability and fast, accurate and easy installation.

Our floating floor systems can be tailor-designed in order to provide excellent airborne and impact sound insulation while creating a service void for utilities and ventilation, suitable to facilitate most under floor heating systems.
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