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Acoustic Parameter Calculation Software


NorBuild is a program for the calculation of building acoustic indices as set out in National and International standards.

  • Allows the quantification of the acoustic performance of structures according to a wide range of international, European and national standards, i.e. ISO 717, EN 20717, BS 5821, ASTM, SIA 181 etc.
  • Includes the test procedure and calculation for the new ISO 16283 standard that replace the ISO 140.
  • Input data can be taken directly from the Nor140 Sound Analyser (Nor110, Nor118, Nor121, Nor840 or Nor843 analysers), from file or input by hand.
  • Automatic calculation of the rating parameters (DnTw, Rw, LnT,w, etc.) as set out in the standards with the report generator producing the information in the required format.
  • Freely selectable frequency range for the display and calculation of the rating parameters.
  • Input of all the necessary project data is made via user friendly input screens.
  • Graphic and numeric presentation of the results.
  • To comply with their own company style, users may redefine the presentation of the reports.
  • Energy and arithmetic averaging of the data is performed as required.
  • Excel reporter for making customized reports in your local language.
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