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Design & Engineering for vibration, seismic and blasting protection


Vibrations and ground-borne noise are present in most environments, but most of the times the levels that arrive at the receivers are usually below the perceived limits. Sources that can produce a perceptible level of vibration and structure borne noise are transport systems (mostly rail), construction sites, demolitions and other types of shocks and blasting, industry, mining operations (including explosions) and some activities in the housing environment and entertainment.

Structure borne noise is the noise generated in a location and transmitted to another location through the oscillations (vibration) of the particles of a solid body, in contrast to airborne noise, which is transmitted directly through the air.

Vibration protection
Techniques for supporting equipment and pipework on anti-vibration mounts are generally very effective if designed properly, otherwise they will have minimum or even negative effect.EAgroup has the expertise to design the right solution for the above issues, in projects ranging from small size equipment to heavy loads as print presses, trains and even multi-story buildings. Structure-borne noise nuisance from metro lines is a critical design issue for new track layouts and there are many case studies in our portfolio in this field.

Seismic protection
Efficient seismic protection strategies can be provided for machinery, technical equipment, buildings and many other kinds of structures. We have experience in developing solutions that provide reliable protection against earthquakes for buildings and facilities, where systems comprising helical spring elements and viscodampers have proven to be particularly suitable.

Blasting protection
Pyrotechnic shock energy is a serious concern for structural integrity. The damage potential of a shock pulse can be estimated from the shock response spectrum, which can also be used for test level specification. EAgroup has a broad experience in monitoring blasting outcomes and designing anti-blasting protection for critical installations, such as data centers, medical facilities, etc.

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