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High Requirement Soundproof Constructions


The desire for peaceful, noise free living and working environments in the urban world is a standard. Reducing noise is an exercise in eliminating sound transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings and is the goal of sound-proof construction and design. Our specialists are well aware of Sound-Proof Design Principles regarding increasing sealed space, increasing mass and decreasing vibratory response. They also possess vital experience in the Construction Practice of the above design guiding principles.

Soundproofing can be addressed with some surprisingly simple and cost-effective construction techniques and solutions. A key aspect, which our experts know very well, is to identify and not miss commonly overlooked sources of sound transmitters, where -if omitted- render the whole sound-proofing fitting useless.

Our solutions can serve any case, in cooperation with our world-leader manufacturers and partners, thus providing the desired acoustic specifications, optimized according to the client requirements such as cost, space-saving in tight areas, ergonomy, productivity, etc. Throughout the company’s lifespan, we have successfully completed many case study projects where new sound-proofing techniques and materials were introduced in the area.

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