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Noise Absorption Software


The new software ZORBA developed by Marshall Day Acoustics is a quick tool for predicting the absorption performance of porous systems with perforated facings. This tool is ideal for the investigation of acoustically critical rooms such as studios, concerts halls, class room, lecture theatres and others.

ZORBA has been developed in collaboration with acoustic consultants to ensure user friendly features (Report Generators, data export etc). This makes the software convenient and practical.

The algorithms used to predict the sound absorption are the result of careful review of scientific literature published over the past 50 years.These algorithms are used to build an accurate model representing the behaviour of the sound waves in commonly used absorptive systems.

Of course, these predictions have been tested by comparisons with a series of measurements performed by Marshall Day Acoustics and partners. This validation makes ZORBA a robust and reliable tool for consultants and other technical professionals.

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