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Rubber-metal mounts


Vibration isolation elements which consist of elastomer (natural or synthetic caoutchouc, rubber or EDPM) bonded with metallic frame, operating both in shear and compression. They come in a variety of different dimensions and heights in order to adapt to the requirements (natural frequency, deflection, available height, etc.).
Designed for the antivibration mounting of electrical, mechanical and pluming (MEP) equipment where vibration isolation is necessary and the antivibration mount may be subjected continuously to shocks, dripping oil, diesel or are exposed to the elements:

– Anticorrosion treatment of metal parts for outdoor applications (RoHs compliant)
– Metal hood that protects the elastomer (Ozone, UV rays, diesel or oils)

Depending of the static load that is applied on them they can achieve natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz.
Available with Marine Type Approval DNV-GL (weelmark).

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