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Standard Springs


The standard of antivibration elements which can be used for application with high requirements for vibration and structure-borne noise isolation.
Springs can be used in systems:

– consisting of multiple elements to accommodate higher static loads
– incorporating anti-seismic brackets for the protection of the systems in case of lateral excitation (earthquake, etc.)
– elastomer core that prevent the spring from buckling and over-compression

Springs can be utilized for the mounting of electrical, mechanical and pluming (MEP) equipment with low frequency moving parts (engine, compressor, fan, etc.).

Also, they can be implemented in floating floors which increased standards of noise insulation, such as Auditoriums, Amphitheaters, Cinemas, Recording Studios, etc.

Depending of the static load that is applied on them and the height of the spring, they can achieve natural frequencies as low as 3 Hz.

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