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Using instruments which implement state of the art technology, EAGroup has undertaken numerous of measuring and testing projects, from simple noise  measurements to multi-channel waterfall frequency responses and machine diagnosis. 

The company possesses  the largest collection of ANV measuring equipment in the area. Our instrument range consist of:



  • multiple Class 1 sound level meters,
  • multi-channel recorders and analyzers,
  • accelerometers with various sensitivities to match any project requirements,
  • mono-axial and tri-axial geophones for monitoring and recording low level vibrations,
  • high power sound sources -including a dodecahedron loudspeaker-,
  • acoustic camera,
  • vibration source generator,

as well as supporting equipment such as field calibrators, weatherproofing systems, modem/comms systems, road traffic counters for road traffic noise measurements, weather stations for environmental noise measurements etc.

All our equipment is periodically calibrated to external calibration laboratories traceable to national and international standards, following our ISO 9001: 2015 internal guidelines and procedures.

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