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EAgroup is the exclusive distributor of IMMI software in the region. IMMI is a specialized software for indoor and outdoor sound dissipation analysis and noise mapping. The consulting department of our group is highly trained to deliver noise mapping projects in any scale, from home studio standing-waves and scattering analysis up to strategic noise mapping for whole cities and agglomerations. A team of multi division experts is engaged in this procedure (surveyors, GIS, noise modelling, Quality Assurance and cluster computer network for the intense computing power required).

Environmental noise is a major issue and it is a standard practice for international projects to follow World Health Organization and/or World Bank published standards regarding environmental noise, its nuisance and its effects on humans and properties.

Our team can implement policies through the planning process at the design stage, and thereafter through permitting the use of sustainability criteria. We constantly monitor changes in government guidance on noise mapping in National, European and Worldwide level.

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